AEA: stakende verkeersleiders “kapen” passagiers

charles de gauleFoto Flickr

Door Arnold Burlage

BRUSSEL- De Association of European Airlines heeft hard uitgehaald naar de stakende Franse verkeersleiders. Voor zover bekend is vanuit Nederland nog op geen enkele manier een veroordeling uitgesproken over de actie die vele honderden passagiers ook van en naar Schiphol heeft gedupeerd.

“ONCE MORE FRENCH AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS HIJACK PASSENGERS AND AIRLINES”, aldus een officiele verklaring van de AEA in Brussel. De volledige verklaring luidt als volgt:

Once again passengers and European airlines are being seriously affected by strike action by air traffic controllers(ATC) in France. The Association of European Airlines (AEA) strongly condemns this unjustified industrial action which holds the entire industry to ransom. In the last twelve months there have been 9 days of ATC strikes in France. Once again the action is in protest against increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs in ATC provision.

Since Sunday morning, air passengers and airlines have been the victim of a French air traffic control strike that has a serious impact on flights to and from France but also on aircraft that have to fly through French airspace (overflights). Many airlines were forced to cancel flights and those flights that do operate encounter severe delays. The consequences of these strikes are felt by passengers, airlines, freight forwarders and express courier services, depriving Europe of much-needed connectivity and economic activity. Not to mention the environmental impact of increased CO2 from detours around the affected area.

The Association of European Airlines (AEA) strongly condemns this intolerable situation. “This has to stop immediately”, says AEA’s CEO Athar Husain Khan. “Europe’s airlines and passengers have suffered at the hands of ATC providers, who enjoy a monopoly status, for years now. We urge the French government and the European Commission to take urgent action to ensure that airlines can continue to operate and passengers are not inconvenienced.”