kapper air france

By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Jan 14th 2017 16:53Z, last updated Saturday, Jan 14th 2017 17:09Z

An Air Bridge Cargo Boeing 747-800 freighter, registration VQ-BLR performing flight RU-548 from Novosibirsk (Russia) to Amsterdam (Netherlands), landed on Amsterdam’s runway 36R at 19:22L (18:22Z) and taxied to the apron.

Netherland’s Onderzoeksraad tweeted at 23:04L (22:04Z) that they are responding to a runway incident at Schiphol.

One Dutch newspaper reported following the tweet, a passenger aircraft touched down 300 meters short of the runway, no further details known. (Editorial note: had this been true for any runway in use except 36C, this would have been a major accident, no anomaly however was observed on runway 36C, which has about 450 meters of paved surface ahead of the runway threshold).

According to information The Aviation Herald received, VQ-BLR took out a number of runway edge lights.

  • The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Amsterdam 22 hours after landing.